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Botox and dermal fillers in Belfast and Northern Ireland: The growing demand

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Botox, dermal fillers and lip fillers are becoming more popular in Belfast and Northern Ireland. This is evidenced by these and similar search terms becoming more popular on search engines such as Google. The term ‘lip fillers’, for example, has seen an increase in search volume by a staggering 125% in the period from August 2013 to the same month in 2014. UK wide figures show an increase in actual search numbers for the term ‘lip fillers’ from 3600 to 8100 per month in the same period! ‘Lip fillers Belfast’ has seen an almost identical percentage rise. Additionally, the terms, ‘Botox Belfast’, ‘Dermal fillers Belfast’ and ‘Chemical peels Belfast’ have seen a rise in their popularity.

So, why are botox, dermal fillers and lip fillers becoming more popular?

The increasing use of botox, dermal fillers and lip fillers amongst celebrities and high profile individuals has undoubtedly had an impact. The appearance of some of these individuals is not uncommonly very unnatural and would make us at Array question the background and ethics of the practitioners involved. It would understandably make members of the public who are genuinely considering measures to improve their appearance to think twice. The team at Array believe in subtle, natural improvements in an effort to rub off 5-10 years, not 30 years in one afternoon! The philosophical debate about whether individuals should consider aesthetic treatments at all is well beyond the scope of this post. The fact is botox, dermal fillers and lip fillers are becoming more popular and if you are considering it then choose carefully.

Advice on who is best to carry out my botox, dermal filler or lip filler treatment in Belfast:

1. Choose a medically qualified practitioner with experience

When considering botox, dermal fillers or lip fillers in Belfast, we at Array strongly urge consulting a medical professional with training and experience in these procedures. Although non-invasive, choosing an untrained individual can have devastating consequences. We at Array have years of combined experience.

2. Make sure the botox and fillers used are FDA approved

A number of fake/counterfeit forms of cheap botox, dermal filler and lip fillers have come on to the marketplace in the last number of years. If it’s very cheap, it’s usually nasty…

3. Make sure the practitioner is based locally on a full time basis

‘Fly-in fly-out’ practitioners are not advised. Who do you call if there is a problem or you are unhappy? The doctors at Array are based full time in Belfast and are contactable for questions or queries.

You can arrange a free consultation with an Array doctor by phone, email or text us on 07739632289.

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