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Botox before your big day…

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Botox before your big day…

At Array Aesthetics we are fully aware of the need for brides-to-be to look their absolute best on their big day. With botox now considered a popular, mainstream therapy, expectant brides in Belfast and Northern Ireland are increasingly being treated with botox to help them look at their most beautiful on the biggest day of their lives. Understandably, brides-to-be who are ‘botox virgins’ can be expected to have some trepidation about the effectiveness of the treatment but more especially about avoiding some of the potential pitfalls of the therapy. The clinical team at Array Aesthetics in Belfast are very conscious of these anxieties but we will put you at ease with our personalised and careful approach to pre-wedding day botox.

Time is the wisest counsellor

It is important to remember that while botox treatment takes only a few minutes to perform, it takes 2 weeks to work and will last for 3-4 months. With that in mind, the best piece of advice we can give you is to plan to have your treatment well in advance of the big day itself. Ideally you should see your cosmetic physician six months before your wedding. This will enable you to complete a full botox treatment cycle before receiving a further treatment that will be active on your wedding day. If a full treatment cycle is not possible prior to your wedding, at a minimum you should have an assessment and treatment 6 weeks beforehand. This will allow sufficient time for the botox to work, but will also provide ample opportunity in your busy pre-wedding schedule for a follow up review and for any adjustments required to become effective.

Less is more

At Array Aesthetics we believe in subtly reversing the effects of time on facial appearance. Very few individuals want to have the ‘frozen’ look and certainly no bride wants to make it obvious that she has had ‘work done’ on her wedding day. The Array Aesthetics team are of the opinion that this overtreatment should be avoided at all costs. Instead we use our botox treatments with the aim of finely smoothening facial wrinkles and freshening facial appearance in a completely natural looking and inconspicuous way.

Return to see us

Attending for a follow-up appointment is essential as this allows us the opportunity to review your treatment. Please keep in mind that individuals will vary in their sensitivity to botox and therefore the treatment is not one size fits all. This is why a face-to-face review 2 weeks following your treatment is so important as determining if a client is sensitive or resistant requires an element of educated guesswork. At the review we can assess for any problems that the client may not even have noticed and make any adjustments required at the same time. In summary, if you’re thinking about getting botox for your wedding you need to plan in advance- it would be unwise to have your first treatment only a few days before! To help you look your best, we need sufficient time for the botox to work and to review your treatment.

If you have any unanswered questions or concerns about getting botox for your wedding day please contact us!


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