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Botox in a bottle. Is it closer than we think…?

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Revance Therapeutics, a large US pharmaceutical company, has been developing a form of topical Botulinum Toxin A (referred to commonly as Botox) for the last number of years. In fact, RT001 has now reached Stage III clinical trials for the treatment of lateral canthal lines (Crow’s feet). The company believe the product will be available for use in the open market by as soon as 2016 in the USA. A good estimate therefore of its potential availability in the UK, Northern Ireland and Belfast would be 2018.

What’s the big deal?

The great theoretical advantage of such a product would be the avoidance of a needle and injection in the administration of Botox. This would be particularly advantageous for those who are very needle phobic. It would also negate the risk of bruising.

Is it as good as injected Botox?

Revance have certainly done their homework. Having completed 13 clinical trials on 1400 patients, using robust measures such as double-blinding, randomisation and placebo control, the evidence seems good. They have demonstrated statistically significant improvement in Crow’s feet with RT001 without doubt. Medics agree the product works but differ with regard to how well it works. Many are not convinced it is not as effective as the injected form of Botox. It is interesting to note that RT001 only seems effective in the treatment of Crow’s feet. This may reflect the superficial position of the Orbicularis Oculi muscle (the muscle which causes Crow’s feet) making it easier to reach transdermally. Efficacy of RT001 for the other traditional Botox injection sites (forehead lines and frown lines) has not been established to date.

So, will I be able to buy this product over the counter?

No. Botulinum Toxin Type A, regardless of its form is a prescription only medicine. This means you will still need to consult a doctor and be issued with a prescription for its use. Additionally, the product must be applied using Revance’s patented TransMTS™ peptide delivery system. In short, it is not simply a case of opening the jar of face cream and applying!

Is injected Botox really that bad?

The medical teams’s experience at Array is that after someone has had Botox treatment for the first time at our Belfast clinic, they wonder what all the fuss is about! See our previous blog on, ‘Does Botox hurt?’ for more information. The needle used in botox treatment is very small and extremely well tolerated generally.

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