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Chemical Peels for Ageing Skin

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Once you reach the age of 30, epidermal cell turnover slows down so your skin can begin to look dull and rough. To treat this we use superficial peels, which are the mildest of chemical peels. They normally contain ingredients such as lactic acid, glycolic acid or salicylic acid. This type of peel mainly removes the top layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum which is made up of dead skin cells. By removing this top layer of skin we are revealing brighter, more even skin tone and smoother looking skin. Superficial peels are excellent for exfoliating an older, thickened, sun-damaged skin, once excess dead skin cells are removed fine lines appear shallower. Superficial peels also can be used to reduce the amount to surface pigmentation on the skin which can dramatically age a persons skins appearance. Superficial peels have very little to no down time so you can return to normal activity straight away with the use of a high factor sunscreen. A course of 5-10 superficial peels are generally needed to get the desired results. At Array Belfast we recommend leaving at least 4-6 weeks in-between each peel. You should never have more than one superficial peel every month. Our favourite superficial peel is the Obagi Blue Radiance peel with 20% salicylic acid. Our patients love it too!

While superficial peels are great for improving the texture and tone of the skin, they do not have the ability to treat fine lines and wrinkles. For treating this we need to use a medium depth peel. Medium depth peels use ingredients like trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to create a controlled wound to the skin, this triggers the skins natural wound healing process to kick in and encourages collagen to be produced, which plumps out the fine lines and wrinkles. TCA peels require a little more down time than superficial peels and are administered exclusively by the Array doctors. To get the desired results you may need to have several treatments. We recommend leaving several months in-between medium depth peels.

If you are thinking about a chemical peel in Belfast? Think Array Aesthetics.

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