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Does Botox hurt?

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As mentioned in a previous blog post, the cost of Botox treatment is the most common patient query at Array Aesthetics, Belfast. Coming in a close run second is, “does Botox hurt?”.

The image above is of the actual needle used to administer Botox. It was taken by a member of the medical team. It is among the smallest, finest needles we encounter as clinicians. In fact, it is the same syringe used daily by millions of diabetics throughout the world. It is an insulin syringe which incidentally lends itself very well to Botox administration. When administering Botox around the eyes, for example, only one third of the needle is inserted under the skin very superficially. That’s about 3 millimetres!

Most patients who have never had Botox or dermal filler treatment before are anxious about pain related to needle insertion. After their first treatment, they wonder what all the fuss is about! Most people say going to the dentist is much, much worse.

So, does botox hurt? In short, the great majority of people find it does not.

If you’re considering Botox treatment in Belfast, you can contact us here to arrange a free consultation with an Array doctor.

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