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How much does Botox cost?

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With the clinic at Array Aesthetics in full swing for the last few weeks, the most common query we have received has been about the cost of Botox treatment. We have decided to address this and explore it further in our latest blog post.

How Botox treatment is priced varies around the world. In Belfast and Northern Ireland, Botox treatment is typically charged per area. This is similar throughout the rest of the UK and Ireland. The 3 most common areas treated are the forehead (horizontal forehead lines), the glabellar region (frown lines) and around the eyes (Crow’s feet). Common additional areas amenable to Botox treatment include bunny lines (lines to each side of the nose) and the brow lift which involves one injection at each end of the eyebrow causing the eyebrow to lift on that side. By contrast, in the US and Australia, Botox is generally charged by the unit. Charging in this way may be due to increased awareness and understanding of Botox by patients in these parts of the world.

The price of your Botox treatment takes multiple factors into consideration; the brand used, dilution/concentration of the product and the number of areas that are treated. At Array, we only use an FDA approved Botulinum toxin type A which is only ever administered by a trained doctor at our clinic. We use a concentration that we believe gives the most desired and most natural results. All patients are very much encouraged to attend their review at 2 weeks and will be offered a free top-up to the treatment areas, provided the client and doctor feel it is necessary to do so. Always be mindful that cheap Botox pricing may well be too good to be true. In fact, over the last year, a number of counterfeit varieties of Botox have been identified by authorities in the US. Cheap is usually nasty…

Botox often compliments dermal filler treatment and vice versa. For this reason we provide a free consultation to discuss all treatment options and to recommend the best option for the patient on an individual basis. If a combination treatment is recommended this can be done in one sitting or spread out over multiple appointments. Again, this will be something to discuss at the time of initial consultation.

Please see our treatments section for full details on our pricing at the Array Clinic here.

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