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Is getting dermal fillers painful?

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At Array Aesthetics, we give all our patients the information they require prior to any treatment and strongly advise a period to consider what has been discussed. One of the topics that we address during an initial consultation is the level of pain that may be involved with our procedures, especially dermal fillers. We provide all necessary information in order to allow patients to make informed decisions, but also be reassured by our explanations.

Dermal fillers are used all over the face; cheeks, lips, under the eyes (tear troughs), nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) and marionette lines (mouth to chin lines). This is important when discussing pain. Areas such as under the eyes, lips and cheeks are less uncomfortable than nasolabial folds and marionette lines. The reason for this is in relation to facial anatomy. These are areas that are deemed more uncomfortable as they have a higher number of nerves that innervate the skin and deeper layers.

At our clinic in Belfast we offer topical anaesthetic (a numbing agent used to make the procedure more comfortable) before filler treatments if the patient wishes to have it. This takes several minutes to take effect and we rely on the patient to let us know when they feel it starting to take effect. Patients give good feedback about the topical anaesthetic and find it makes filler treatment more comfortable. In addition to topical anaesthetic, all dermal fillers used at Array have local anaesthetic within the filler itself. This means after the first injection there will be further numbing to the treatment area.

Another factor to consider is the viscosity of the filler. Fillers that are injected deeper (for example cheeks) require a thicker filler in order to provide structural support for the tissue and skin layers above. This can be associated with a sensation of fullness or tightness in the treatment area. This doesn’t mean it will be painful but it is a sensation you should expect to have for a short period after your filler treatment.

The needles used for filler treatment are extremely small and cause very little to no bleeding/trauma to the treatment area. Many areas are now treated using blunt cannulae once a small introductory point has been made using a needle in the skin. Patients tend to find the cannula very tolerable as it is blunt.

In general, patients find filler treatment extremely tolerable whether they choose to have anaesthetic or not because the filler itself provides anaesthesia. Patients often leave the clinic pleasantly surprised about how comfortable the treatments are.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with us at Array to discuss fillers or any other treatment please contact us here.

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