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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

Our chemical peels are designed to improve and enhance the skin and feature natural ingredients including aloe vera, papaya, green tea and vitamin C.  They work by using acids to exfoliate dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, stimulating the production of new cells and improving skin texture , tone and clarity.  All Image peels are formulated in aloe vera based gel to protect the skin.

Peels are used for:

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Treatment Price
Signature Facelift
Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in an organic aloe vera base visibly reduce redness and brighten the skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration
£90 per session
Lightning Facelift
Lactic acid blended with kojic acid and a cocktail of brightening agents to reduce all forms of pigmentation
£90 per session
Wrinkle Lift
Ultra-resurfacing blend of glycolic acid combined with retinol to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
£90 per session
Beta Lift
This powerful non-blended salicyclic acid treatment quickly and effectively targets and improves moderate/severe acne.
£150 per session
Perfection Lift
This distinct blend of active exfoliants works synergistically to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, correct uneven skin tone, smooth rough texture and reduce acne blemishes.
£150 per session
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Most frequent questions and answers

We recommend a course of 6 for the best results however you will see visible results after 1 treatment.

You will feel a slightly warm, tingly or itchy sensation when the peel is applied but this will only last for a few minutes.

Downtime is minimal.  You may experience slight redness after the treatment but this will subside after a few hours. Dryness and slight peeling can occur for up to a week after treatment.

Approximately 30 minutes.

Good skin can be for life, if maintained and managed correctly. The Array advanced skincare aims to prolong the course of treatment each client receives and to ensure the treatment fulfils the desired results. Book a consultation with Dr. Jude here.

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Book a consultation if you are interested in finding out more about one of our treatments. Our experienced medical team will provide you with the utmost customer care and attention, ensuring all your individual needs are met.

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